1. Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Video on TED.com

    May 22, 2011 by dakini

    Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm | Video on TED.com

  2. The Ancient Art of Sacred Sexual Healing

    May 21, 2011 by dakini
    Tantra can heal wounded your sexuality and give you back your body and your life. It combines the ancient spiritual arts of sacred connection to yourself and others, gleaned from the wisdom traditions of many paths, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and Native American spirituality. Using deep, intentional breathing, imagery and movement, tantra moves the kundalini or vital life force (prana) through the chakras, opening and energizing them, bringing you home to yourself.

    What follows is a testament by one of my female clients who finally confronted being sexually abused as a child after she lost her devoted husband:
    I began my Tantric journey a few months after losing my long-term beloved partner to lung cancer.  It was a very sad time and I was feeling so little physical pleasure that I lacked any and all sexual desire. When my best girlfriend presented me with a certificate for  a 7-day workshop in Hawaii, I thought, “Great,  sun, beaches and time for me to just laze around.” When I learned that I was actually in a workshop on sexuality, I thought “OMG, now what have I gone and done?”
    But those 7 days forever changed my life.   I learned my body is my own, I can set boundaries and allow only touch I desire, and I can feel desire and passion even without a partner. That week restored my sacred relationship with ME.  This body that was actually designed to give me profound pleasure and fulfillment in ways that could bring me to the Goddess within.

    Tantra opens and activates the chakras and, by moving sexual energy through them, brings up whatever blocks true passion. My workshop leaders and dakinis created a sacred temple where I felt safe to explore the pain of being sexually violated as a child, breathing through it to the pleasure beneath. In the exercises I could explode in rage, shake out the blocks, and reclaim a body ravaged by incest.   I felt so accepted with all of my pain, respected and supported for my deep commitment to heal.
    Tantra gave me a way to recreate my sexuality and enjoy the movement of orgasmic energy through my healing tissues. When I could make love again with a new partner, the practices guided me to connect my heart with my yoni (genitals) and enjoy a full-bodied extended orgasmic play far more fulfilling than ever before.
    Today, I can make love in hundreds of ways; i.e., breathing alone with the full moon, running energy with the Goddess in the shower, touching hands on heart with my beloved and simply breathing love into each other, or through full, deep sexual exchange. Tantra adds the spiritual component so making love feels sacred… I am the Divine Goddess being honored. Such a physical and spiritual transformation! My mantra now is, “My body is my temple and I enjoy every day of my life within it.”


    May 19, 2011 by dakini

    The ancient Tantric practice of spiritual pursuit and enlightenment dates back thousands of years. Its  fundamentals lie in meditation, but it also involves a hands-on, physical path of spiritual practice.  Tantra confronts and does away with  misconceptions about the way physical and emotional love work. By tradition, Tantra rejects the notion of forbidden love, so tantra for same sex couples is totally permissible.

    Tantra is NOT about genders or our biases about them. It is about the fine art of giving and receiving passionate love, regardless of gender. It is about physical, emotional and spiritual connection between two people. Because of this lack of bias or gender focus, tantra for gays has become immensely popular.

    Tantra encompasses a multitude of dimensions, which what makes it appealing to diverse groups. Individual and couples alike can turn to a tantra teacher for instructions in this ancient art of love and life. In the same vein, both hetero AND homosexual couples seek out tantra lessons today to augment their ability to give each other sexual pleasure.

    Contemporary sexual problems such as lack of desire, short-lived erections and the inability to climax are universal issues.  They do not affect only couples of the opposite sex, but those of the same gender as well. Under the guidance of an experienced tantra master, these issues turn into opportunities for a MUCH closer, more intimate relationship.

    Yes, practicing Tantra has nothing to do with gender. The ability to love, feel passion and be sexually active is not limited by gender, and neither is tantra. A tantric teacher can instruct ANY couple to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual connection with each other. This attitude stems from the fact that tantra does not recognize the concepts of right and wrong as far as gender choice in a relationship.

    However, it DOES have firm views on the quality and depth of a relationship. It is vital that the tantra techniques that the ancient tantra scriptures prescribe be followed under the tutelage of a qualified tantra master. A student of this sacred art and science of love must embark on a journey of learning and discovery with an open heart and open mind. As long as these guidelines are adhered to, EVERY couple – regardless of genders – can discover the richness of life that the study and pursuit of tantra brings with it as a gift.

  4. Is Tantric Sex for me?

    by dakini

    Have you ever experienced moments of sexual ecstasy?   More importantly, how did it make you feel?

    Intense sexual experiences are one of our greatest sources of pleasure and joy.
    And yet, sex is often regarded with an equal measure of fear and fascination.. We may wish to be touched with all fully, yet fear our own vulnerability. We may crave sexual intimacy to the core of our being, yet also take great pains to avoid it We may long to rekindle lost passion, but have forgotten how to light the fire.

    The word Tantra means – to manifest, to show and to weave, to expand. Sex is thought to expand consciousness and to weave together the polarities of man and woman, into harmony of one.

    What Is Tantra?   Although Tantra has long been practiced in eastern cultures, it is just beginning to flourish in the west. It was Born in India more than 6,000 years ago. Organized religion held that sexuality should be rejected in order to reach enlightenment.  Tantra  emerged as a rebellion against that strict, intolerant path.

    By practicing Tantra we can reclaim the sexual intimacy that is our birthright. This very ancient art, gives us the tool to discover new joys of the erotic and expand mere moments of sexual ecstasy into a lifetime of sexual bliss. Our western modern way of life, full of stresses, fears and distractions on a daily base threaten so many relationships. The age-old practice of Tantra shows us how to open our emotions, our sexuality and our hearts.

    Tantra challenges acetic beliefs, purporting that earthly pleasures, i.e., eating, dancing and creative expression are sacred acts and that our sexuality is a doorway to the divine.

    To benefit from the sexual wisdom of this ancient art, couples don’t need to adopt the Tantric pantheon. A tantric tsunami is not mandatory. Simple Tantric sexual practices reveals how to prolong the act of making love while utilizing potent orgasmic energies much more effectively.

    Tantra is health enhancing. Sexual energy is our most powerful energy for creating health. When we embrace our sexual energy consciously, we are entering an authentic source of youth, vitality and longevity.

    How Is Tantric Sex Unique?   We are looking at sex in the west as a source of recreation rather than a means of transformation. Our goal is to reach orgasm rather than to pleasure our lover or to connect with him or her more fully. That’s how tantric sex is so unique and life changing.

  5. What Every Woman Should Learn From Porn Stars

    by dakini

    Porn stars do things that you don’t want to take with you into your bedroom.  Does that  mean that there’s nothing to learn from porn stars? NOT AT ALL!  There are many sex tips you should learn from them that can transform you into a sex goddess and sizzle up your sex life. Now, these  aren’t secret techniques that porn stars know and the regular world doesn’t Indeed, they’re more like philosophies that porn stars have that can actually make your sex life Super HOT.

    Act Like You Want It!…The No. 1 thing that porn stars do in adult movies is they act like they want it any way and all the time. Yes, much is acting but this is one philosophy you can use in your bedroom , without going overboard. When giving your man ORAL SEX, really get into it. Act like it is the only thing you want to be doing right then and pleasing him is your priority. Act like you’ll  starve to death or the entire world is going to fall apart if you don’t give him fantastic head and that going down on him is something you MUST do! The same for sex – when he’s penetrating you, that’s all that exists at that moment and that’s all you want too! You may be acting at first, but as you get into it and show him you want it, you’ll actually start to realize how much you actually do want it.

    Don’t Worry About Your Body…Porn stars don’t worry about how they look. They know very well they look good and they’re comfortable with themselves. Is this because they look better than everyone else? No, they just know something that non-porn stars haven’t figured out yet; men don’t really care about cellulite or other female body image insecurities. The last thing a man is thinking about during sex is your thighs, other than he’s just happy that they’re wrapped around him! So make like a porn star and forget your bodily insecurities so you can try those crazy sex positions that you haven’t tried yet because you’re afraid they’ll make your ass look big.

    Dress Sexy

    Porn stars know that above all, men are visual creatures. They process info best when they actually see it, and they get turned on most when they see things that are sexy. This is why you often see porn stars keeping their push up bras or stilettos on during sex; they know it adds the visual flair that will really make a man melt. So instead of turning out the lights and getting naked when you and your man have sex, leave the light on or light a candle to illuminate the room so he can see what’s going on. 

    You can also wear some sexy lingerie or just keep your chic work outfit on and let him lift up the skirt for a  naughty touch. Dressing sexy also applies to what you wear outside of the bedroom, around the house or to work. Instead of putting on what you think is comfortable, consider how you can best dress to please your man. Sure, the cotton nightie is way more comfy than the silky camisole set, but with the latter, sex is going to be on your partner’s mind the whole time you’re wearing it.

    Introduce Dirty Talk..Men like to hear what’s going on in bed as much as they like to see it. Porn stars are VERY vocal about what they want, what they like and how something feels.  That’s all  good in bed! Try incorporating some dirty talk into your sex routine to make it  more steamy. If you’re quiet during sex, simply start to make a few vocal sounds when your partner really does something to you that you like. Or, if you’re too shy to SAY what you want him to do, describe what you’re doing to him instead. Sometimes, dirty talk is simply a play-by-play description of what’s going on and how much you or your partner like it. Get your partner into the dirty talk too by asking him what he wants to do to you!

  6. Men, Master the SENSUAL/SEXUAL TANTRIC ARTS~613 878-8179

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    The Elusive Female Orgasm has Now Been Conquered.

    Deep Sexual Release can now be triggered at any time!


    Research shows women can have a hard time achieving orgasm during intercourse. Women often blame their lack of response on their partner. But climax lies within Her control. In fact, a woman can have 8 different types of very satisfying orgasms. You’ll discover these in Awakening a Woman’s Orgasm.

    Master these techniques, men, and she’ll never say “no” again.

    The 8 different types of female orgasms and how you can attain each of them

    The stroke technique that will bring you the most pleasure during intercourse – and what vacuum has to do with it

    The two “Orgasmic awakeners” – what they are and how you can use them

    The pleasures of masturbation for women – Why creating a pleasure attitude is healthy

    How to evoke full orgasmic experiences

    What the “Pelvic Squeeze” is and when to do it

    Positive body image and how it affects love AND your sexual appetite

    The easiest access to female orgasm and how pheromones play a key role part for getting there

    Fire and water – how it relates to desire

    How ancient breathing techniques can deepen an orgasm

    How to build your pelvic muscles for added sensitivity

    The role breasts play in orgasms and how to use them to their fullest potential

    How to remain focused on your pleasure while maintaining your partners pleasure

    How the “Conch Shell” nerve works

    Common vaginal myths dispelled

    Why you must let go of control

    How you can get rid of restraining “Good Girl” sexual messages

    Love and how it affects a woman’s sexual appetite

    Sex toys that can add pleasure two and three-fold

    What ” Aphrodisiacs” are and why it’s important that you use them

    Ejaculation Mastery:  You many have no Problem achieving Orgasm but it’s over in Minutes.

    Learn how to Last for Hours

    Yes, men need sex…it’s part of their biological drive. The problem stems from the ‘jack-rabbit syndrome’. The average male ejaculates within 14 minutes of initiating sex. Good for him, but she’s left wanting more . Ejaculation Mastery teaches you to last longer, have deeper pleasure and become multi-orgasmic.

    • Men can be multi-orgasmic~ you just need to be taught how

    • What are the three types of male orgasms and the benefit of each

    • Why creating an “Arousal Map” is vital in learning control

    • The 10 different stages of arousal and  to identify them

    • What a “Soft Entry” is and how to do it

    • The 4 stages of erection and how you use them. And how NOT to use them

    • How to recognize and stop an impending ejaculation before it’s too late

    • What is “PC Pumping” and how it enriches your lovemaking

    • The benefits of masturbation for you AND your partner

    • Why separating orgasm from ejaculation improves your lovemaking

    • Why full body massage (FBSM) is beneficial, to BOTH partners

    • Where the  wonderful “Sea of Intimacy” points of your body are

    • The acupressure points to use when you need to delay ejaculation

    • The pros and cons of “quickies”

    • What the best aphrodisiacs are and how to use them

    • How to accomplish an orgasm without ejaculation and LIKE it

    • The knowledge about erections that erases performance anxiety

    • How breathing delays ejaculation but improves the orgasm

    • What the benefits of “Deep Belly Breathing” are  for both you and your lover

    • What condoms can be used for

    • The role of “Shallow Thrusting” and how it prolongs lovemaking

    • What’s the “Passion Pump” and how it circulates sexual energy, so you can re-use it

    Elevate your Stud Factor!

    • Last as long as you want in active lovemaking, including during intercourse.

    • Give your female partner full sexual satisfaction by taking as long as she wants to have all the orgasms she wishes.

    • Your relationship with your lover can be immeasurably enhanced and strengthened.

    • Experience much more physical pleasure, more than you could possibly imagine.

    • Become a multi-orgasmic man, having any number of orgasms in a single session of lovemaking that extends over hours.

    • Each orgasm can last longer and be more intense than an ordinary ejaculation. Usually these orgasms are experienced as pleasure throughout the body rather than being restricted to the genitals alone.

    • Maintain optimal prostate health.

    • Super-boost your immune system for total well-being, rarely getting sick and recovering quickly when you do.

    • Experience a tremendous increase in available energy throughout each day.

    • Draw upon a deep source of creativity to to apply to other areas of your life; i.e., business, science, sports and the arts.

    • Gain a competitive advantage over other males who do not know how to do this.

    • Experience states of sexual/spiritual ecstasy in which time stands still and the boundaries between you and your lover disappear.

    • Experience mystical altered states of consciousness.

    • Radiate the self-confidence and charisma that you have envied in those smug, superior alpha males.



    by dakini

    This is the ancient Indian way of massaging the vagina  called Yoni in Sanskrit. Also consider as “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple. In Tantra sex ritual, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect.

    The aim of the vagina/Yoni Massage is to create a space for the woman (the receiver) to relax, and enter a state of high arousal and experience much pleasure from her Yoni. This massage is also a way to treat a woman from sexual blocks, traumas or from fear of sex. Her partner (the giver) enjoy a new experience of being of service and witnessing a very different arena of Tantra sex. The Yoni Massage can also be used as a form of safer sex by wearing some gloves in hand and is an excellent activity to build trust and intimacy .
    The aim of the Yoni massage is not orgasm is not to bring a climax. Orgasm is often a pleasant and welcome by product of the entire ritual. The aim is simply to pleasure and massage the Yoni/vagina. From this perspective both receiver and giver can relax, and not have to worry about achieving something. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense and more satisfying. Orgasm is allowed to happen or not happen depending on your way of doing which you learn by experience.

    In this massage the giver has nothing to gain, he is just at the donors end, just allowing the receiver to enjoy the massage and to relax into herself afterwards. Of course, other sexual activity may follow but it should be entirely the receiver’s choice. This perspective will build greater intimacy and trust, and will greatly broaden your sexual horizons.


    Taking a shower is always helpful as it relaxes both the receiver and giver. A quiet space is desirable with pleasing music, red colored candles, pillows, etc., or whatever makes the participants relax and feel safe. Allow yourself enough time and do not hurry through the process. It is also recommended if you have soft silk mattresses, and white curtains, with a dim red light.

    Go to the bathroom before beginning the massage. The best results will occur when the bowels and bladder are empty and you will avoid the unnecessary experience of interrupting the massage to go to the bathroom. Keep the genitals clean washed carefully with a soft soap. And the giver has to be careful that his nails has to be properly trimmed.

    Cuddle with your partner by hugging, holding, eye gazing (looking into each other’s eyes for an extended time), or whatever brings you to a place of safety and relaxation.


    Have the receiver lie on her back with pillows under her head so she can look down at her genitals and up at her partner (giver). Place a pillow, under her hips. Her legs are to be spread apart with the knees slightly bent (pillows or cushions under the knees will also help) and her genitals clearly exposed for the massage. It is necessary that the vagina has to be clean shaved, but there should not be too long hairs.

    The giver sits cross-legged between the receivers’ legs. The giver may wish to sit on a pillow or cushion. This position allows full access to the Yoni and other parts of the body.

    Before contacting the body, begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Both giver and receiver should remember to keep breathing deeply, slowly and with relaxation during the entire process. The giver will gently remind the receiver to start breathing again if the receiver stops or takes shallower breaths. Deep breathing, not hyperventilating, is very important here. Do not try to control the breath or take very long pauses between breaths.

    Gently massage the legs, abdomen, thighs, breasts, etc., to get the receiver to relax and for the giver to prepare for touching the Yoni.

    Pour a small quantity of a high-quality oil or lubricant on the mound of the Yoni. Pour just enough so that it drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the Yoni. Even you can use some good cream also, but oils are the best lubricator.

    Begin gently massaging the mound and outer lips of the Yoni. Spend some time here and do not rush. Relax and enjoy giving the massage. Gently squeeze the outer lip between the thumb and index finger, and slide up and down the entire length of each lip. Do the same thing to the inner lips of the Yoni/vagina. Take your time.

    The receiver can massage her own breasts or may just relax and continue breathing deeply. It is helpful for giver and receiver to look into each other’s eyes as much as possible. The receiver can tell the giver if the pressure, speed, depth, etc., needs to be increased or decreased. Limit your speaking and focus on the pleasurable sensations. (It is my experience that too much talking gets one out of their feelings and diminishes the effects.)

    Gently stroke the clitoris with clockwise and counter-clockwise circles. Gently squeeze it between thumb and index fingers. Do this as a massage and not to get the receiver off. The receiver will undoubtedly become very aroused but continue to encourage her to just relax and breathe.

    Slowly and with great care, insert the middle finger of your right hand into the Yoni In rituals and Tantra sex there is a specific reason of using the right hand, as it has to do with the polarity in Tantra. Very gently explore and massage the inside of the Yoni/ vagina with this finger. Take your time, be gentle, and feel up, down and sideways. Vary the depth, speed and pressure. Remember, this is a massage and you’re nurturing and relaxing the Yoni.

    With your palm facing up, and the middle finger inside the Yoni, move the middle finger in a “come here” gesture or crook back towards the palm. You will contact a spongy area of tissue just under the pubic bone, behind the clitoris. This is the Sacred spot as says Tantra Sex. Your partner may feel as if they have to urinate or it may be painful or pleasurable. Again vary the pressure, speed and pattern of the movement. You can move side to side, back and forth, or in circles with your middle finger You can also insert the finger that’s between your middle finger and pinky. Check with your partner first before sticking two fingers into them. Most women should have no problem and will enjoy the increased stimulation from two fingers. Take your time and be very gentle. You may use the thumb of the right hand to stimulate the clitoris as well.

    This is just an optional part; some women do not like this, just take permission from your partner and then insert your one finger by using some lubrication into her anus. Use the finger which you are not going to insert her Yoni. And be very gentle. The ritual prefers to use the little finger in her anus.

    Your left which has nothing to do at this time can be used to massage the breasts, abdomen, or clitoris if you massage the clitoris it’s usually best to use your thumb in an up down motion, with the rest of your hand resting on and massaging the mound. The dual stimulation of right and left hands will provide much pleasure for the receiver. I do not recommend using your left hand to touch your own genitals because it may take your focus off the receiver. Remember, this massage is for her pleasure and its benefit comes from not only the physical stimulation but the intent as well.

    Continue massaging, trying different speeds, pressures and motions. Keep breathing and looking into each other’s eyes. The receiver may have powerful emotions come up and may cry. Just keep deep breathing and be gentle. Many women have been sexually abused and need to be healed. A giving, loving and patient partner can be of great value to her.

    If she has an orgasm, keep her deep breathing, and continue massaging if she wants. More orgasms may occur each gaining in intensity. In Tantra this is called “riding the wave.” Many women can learn how to be multi-orgasmic with the Yoni Massage and a very patient partner.

    Keep massaging until she tells you to stop. Very slowly, gently, and with respect, remove your hands. Allow her to just lay there and enjoy the afterglow of the Yoni massage. Cuddling or holding is very soothing as well. As you learn to master the Yoni Massage your sex life will be greatly enriched and you will learn a great deal about feminine sexuality.

  8. Striptease 101 How to Striptease For your Partner DVD Trailer

    by dakini

  9. What is Para-Tan?

    May 11, 2011 by dakini

    Free yourself from pain and rejoice in in love and Harmony.

    Para Tan is a powerful tool for complete mind-body-spirit healing. It accesses the body’s own healing wisdom awakening the primordial power of the Divine Mother within both men and women. The powerful sounds of Para-Tan penetrate the body on a cellular level, going even deeper to the soul.

    The uniqueness of Para Tan Sound Healing comes from chanting the mantras directly into specific areas of an one’s body. This allows the vibrational frequency of each Bija mantra to release emotional blocks and restore the correct spin of the DNA on a cellular level. It prevents the replication of damaged DNA which is known to cause cancer, tumor and many other emotional related illness.

    Sound enhances this process of healing by increasing the frequency of the cells and removing emotional and physical toxins from the receptor sites of the cells.

    Bija Sounds of the Goddess also directly affects the limbic system in the inner brain and activates the pineal and pituitary glands allowing the soul, spirit and body to align with the Goddess within. The first step in Para Tan Sound Healing strengthens the aura as a means of protection from taking on the negative energies of the recipient.

    The Divine Mother’s healing energy is needed for both global and personal healing. She exists as certain frequencies within each human being. Bija mantras or sacred sounds called seed syllables awaken the Dasha Mahavidya or 10 Wisdom Goddesses and microcosmic planetary powers from within.

    The key to Para-Tan-Sound-Healing is in the pronunciation of the bijas: Om, Aim, Shrim, Hrim, Kreem, Klim, Sauh, and Brim. Each of these ancient, powerful sounds resonates different nadis (currents of life-force) and chakras (spinning vortices of life-force energy). The unique aspect of Para-Tan is that these Divine Sound Manifestations of The Mother and the Planets are directly intoned on the body at specific points along the nadi system, directly changing the bodies’ frequency.

    Para-Tan creates resonance which increases the frequency of each cell, removing emotional and physical toxins from cell receptor sites. With old cellular memories removed, the sounds of Para-Tan permeate the cell and restore the correct spin to RNA and DNA strands. The pineal and pituitary glands are also directly activated, which allows the mind, soul, and body to align with Goddess within. This process of uncovering the boundless healing potential of the soul brings expansive joy and feelings of freedom and bliss. Soon, within a week of attending Para-Tan-Healing-Circles these feelings may become your daily experience.

    How do I participate in the Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles?
    Attending Para-Tan-Healing-Circles does not require experience with mantras or voice training. Para-Tan is the Sound and Power of the Universe. Para-Tan is LOVE, LOVING, and BEING LOVED. As such, Para-Tan is a sacred form of worship and literally making love vibrations-making love. You just need a willingness to open your heart to share love and enthusiasm to open your mouth and share sound.
    How does the circle work? The person in the middle of the circle is a manifestation of God/Goddess. As the circle around the central living deity make loving sounds of Para-Tan they are awakening and bringing to life the inherent divinity of all present. The nature of LOVE is giving and sharing, each participant shares love via the vehicle of sound, with the central recipient deity and by the law of Nature receives benefit as well. PARA-TAN BENEFITS EVERYONE.  It involves MAKING-LOVE-TO-GOD/GODDESS-IN-HUMAN-FORM (without sex).

    The divine being to be worshipped lies on a futon or mattress in the middle of the circle. Four people anchor the central person, assuring that the Kundalini does not rush up the central channel until it is safe: One at the head, two people, each one sounding into the palm of one hand, and one person at the feet. Shri Param or his assistant will then directly sound the person in the center. The remaining participants lay their hands on the central recipient. A specific tone is resonated into the central individual via Shri Param or his assistant. Then the remaining participants collectively synchronize their voices to resonate the same bija, which will be led by Shri Param or his assistant. The bija sound will travel through the person in the middle and permeate everyone present. Everyone benefits and feels the powerful healing energy, although the central individual will be the generator of this healing energy.

    Within a few days of attending circles, many find certain sounds lingering in their consciousness. The collective chanting of the bija mantras takes form within and as the inner sound grows it begins to reshape people on the mind-body-soul level. The melody of our inner divine sounds appears many different ways. For some it may begin with the sound of singing bowls, while for others the sound makes itself known in the form of deeply resonating mantras, and still others hear the sound of bells.

    As the sound builds and one continues to practice Para-Tan and attend Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles, the sounds expand into larger than life symphonies, yet without volume. The sound is the Universal Mother dancing with Her beloved Creation-All of Creation. These are only several of the many magical experiences awaiting and available to the world. 

    You will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing.

  10. Yoni tattva in Kaula tantra

    by dakini

    The earliest reference to yoni tattva in Kaula tantra is in the Kaula Jnana Nirnaya of Matsyendranath(English translation published by Prachya Prakashan, Benares, 1986):– One should always consume the physical blood and semen. (KJN, Patala 8)

    Other Kaula tantras deal with the subject of menstrual blood in very plain terms. Matrikabheda Tantra (Englishtranslation Indological Book House 1990) describes the different types:– “Shri Shankara said: The firstmenses appearing in a woman who has lost her virginity is Svayambhu blood. In a maiden born of a marriedwoman and begotten by another man, that which arises is Kunda menses, the substance causing the grantingof any desire. Deveshi, a maiden begotten by a widow gives rise to Gola menses, which subdues gods. Themenses arising in the first period after a virgin becomes a married woman is the all bewildering Svapushpa.”(MT, Patala 8)

    The first chapter of the MT mentions a substance called sambal, described in the commentary as menstrual discharge. This substance allows the tantrik adept to perform various sorts of alchemicaloperations.

    The Kaulavali Nirnaya (Agamanusandhana Samiti, Calcutta nd), edited by Sir John Woodroffe, is a digest ofother Kaula tantras. Summarising chapter 18, Sir John paraphrases the tantra:– “there are people who regardsemen and menstrual fluid with disgust, but they forget that the body by which they hope to attain Liberation iscomposed of these two forms of matter, that the marrow, bone and tendons have come from the father and theskin, flesh and blood from the mother. It further says that there is no reason for man’s disgust for excreta orurine, for these are nothing but food or drink which has undergone some change and contains living creatures and the Brahman substance is not absent therefrom…All things are pure. It is one’s mentality which is evil.”(KN, introduction, pp19-20)

    Reverence for Women
    The Kaulas regarded female gurus highly and there were many examples of yoginis or female tantriks. InYoni Tantra Patala 7 we find:–

    “Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels.” This sentiment is echoed in many other tantrassuch as Shakti Sangama Tantra, Devirahasya and elsewhere. A woman is the goddess:– “Worship carefully awoman or a maiden as she is Shakti, sheltered by the Kulas. One should never speak harshly to maidens orwomen.” (KJN, Patala 23)

    “In Kaula every woman is thought of as a manifestation of the Goddess. No man may raise his hand, strike orthreaten a woman. When she is naked, men must kneel and worship her as the Goddess. She has equal rights with men on all levels.” (Occult World of a Tantrik Guru, Values Vol.IX)
    “Women are heaven; women are dharma; and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha; and women are the perfection of Wisdom.” (CT 8,30)
    KamarupaThe Yoni Tantra hails from Cooch Bihar (Kocha), but many of the Kaula Tantras originate from Kamarupa. InPuranic legend, this is the place where the yoni of Devi fell to earth after the Goddess’ body was sliced into 50segments by the discus of Vishnu.

    First Patala…
    O Lady Goddess!  Worshipping in this manner, liberation is placed within a person’s reach.
    A yoni worshipper should prepare the Shakti mantra. He gains wealth, poesy, wisdom and omniscience. If a person worships with menstrual flowers, he also has power over fate. Doing much puja inthis way, he may become liberated. The devotee should place a Shakti in a circle. She should be wanton,beautiful, devoid of shame and disgust, charming by nature, supremely alluring and beautiful. The devotee should worship her with utmost devotion. He should place her on his left, and shouldworship her hair-adorned yoni. At the edges of the yoni, the devotee should place sandal and beautifulblossoms. After smearing sandal on her forehead, the devotee should caress herbreasts.
    After reciting the mantra for 108 times, while in her arms, the devotee should caress the breasts, havingpreviously kissed her on the cheek. The mantra should be recited 108 or 1008 times in the yoni circle.
    After performing yoni puja using these methods, the devotee attains whatever is desired — there is no doubt ofit. The fruit of doing puja to the great yoni, deliverer from the ocean of misery, is life and enhanced vitality.

    Second Patala
    Which types of yoni should be worshipped and which bring good fortune?
    The devotee should worship the mother’s yoni and have intercourse with all yonis. He may have intercourse with any woman between ages 12 and 60.
    He should worship the yoni daily, using the 5 tattvas. The forehead mark should be made from yoni tattva.
    First, in intercourse, the purified worshipper should draw the Shakti to himself by her hair and should placehis lingam into her hand. The lingam puja and the yoni puja should be performed according to the injunctions.  Beloved One, red powder and sandal should be smeared on the lingam.
    The lingam should be inserted into the yoni and there should be vigorous intercourse. He who uses thismethod attains the highest essence. A devotee should worship with the yoni tattva, of the form of yoni, thedeluder of the world, at night when it is full moon, at a crossroads.
    Having seen the yoni full of menses, after bathing and reciting the mantra 108 times, a person becomes a Sivaon earth. One should recite the mantra after offering both one’s own semen and the yoni flowers.

    By all means a sadhaka should haveintercourse in the yoni, previously caressing the Shakti’s breasts.One becomes instantlyregenerated and fully alive by using the water from washing yoni and lingam. After worshipping the great yoniaccording to injunction, one should make an offering. The water of the yoni is of three types and one shouldoffer it to the Shakti.

    Third Patala
    The miraculous Yoni Tattva Tantra is the best of all tantras.The only evil in sexual intercourse is disgust for blood and semen.
    The yoni which hasbled is suitable for worship. Do not worship a yoni which has never bled.
    Combining semen with menses and taking this in the hand, carefully offer itinto the Yoni.By worshipping the yoni one certainlyworships Shakti.

    Fourth Patala
    What knowledge in the three worlds can match the magnificence of the yoni tattva?
    In this temperament there is exclusive devotion to the doctrine of the yoni. Onebecomes pure by making a forehead mark of yoni tattva.

    Fifth Patala
    One should always meditate on the pure yoni. One should always smear the yoni tattva on thebody. If one should place one’s lingam next to her vagina and then penetrate, one becomes liberated.
    In the mutual friction of the lingam and yoni is great sadhana. The greatest thing in mantra recitation andsadhana is the outflow of semen and vaginal emission.
    The powerful sadhaka, following the rule, should offer the augmented substance to the yoni region after mixing the semen and yoni tattva together.
    The wise man should caress that yoni. After worshipping according to rule, one should not have intercourse. One should only couple with the yoni that bleeds.
    If one should worship a hair-adorned yoni, one becomes like a king. All acts become fruitful, no doubt of it. Onebecomes very wealthy if marking oneself with a forehead mark of yoni flowers.
    A sadhaka wishing to worship a yoni,which is the form of the cosmos, should cause an erection and insert it into that thing which is Shakti Herself.Worshipping them, one becomes liberated while still alive, there is no doubt of it.

    Sixth Patala
    If a person should gaze at a yoni while ritually bathing, his life becomes fruitful. There is no doubt of this.
    If a worshipper of the yoni tattva enters a dispute,after conquering all enemies he becomes ultimately victorious. What is the point of bathing in theGanges? What need is there to resort to sacred places? There is nothing equalling devotion to the yoni. Actingotherwise is useless. There is nothing praised in the world more worthy of praise than the yoni tattva.
    One should bring together the yoni and the lingam and worship the tattva. One should place oneself inthis certain thing and give everything to Shakti. One should satisfy using the five tattvas in the shape of thevagina, which is the whole universe.
    Liberation is achieved through enjoyment. Happiness is gained through enjoyment.Therefore, by every effort, a sadhaka should become an enjoyer. The wise man should always avoid blame, disgust or shame of the yoni.
    If one should lick the elixir at the edge of the yoni, evil in one’s body or dwelling place is certainly destroyed.
    The leftovers of both the Shakti and the Vira should be drunk.
    If one should worship the yoni, bowing thrice with a flower, all karmas are destroyed and nothing in the threeworlds becomes unattainable.

    Seventh Patala
    After eating and drinking, one should then consume yoni tattva. Of all food, this is the food which should be worshipped fearlessly. Sexual intercourse in every kind of yoni is widely praised. Oneshould always smear a line of menstrual blood or sandal paste or semen on the forehead. This isthe core of true bliss.
    There is no such thingas an inauspicious time. It makes no difference whether it be night or day, the 14th day of the waning moon orthe twilight time.
    Women are divine, women are life, women are truly jewels. Always have intercourse with a woman andmeditate, whether she be one’s own woman or not. That which has been revealed to you is the whole essencehidden in all tantra.

    At the time of consuming the substance, one should firstly offer it to one’s Shakti. Otherwise, one may first castwater into the vagina. The sadhaka should have sexual intercourse with his Shakti after enjoying food and reciting the mantra.
    Now listen to the time when the semen-menses is emitted. If one should worship the yoni tattva,making a forehead mark with it, all defects and evils of a hundred births are immediately destroyed.
    By yoni tattva oblation, the ancestors reside in paradise. One should always caress a nubile yoni. Ifone should divert oneself in the urgent dance after preparing the cavity of the great yoni, then one is freed fromall defects and stains of all births.

    Eighth Patala
    Without sexual union, there is never liberation.Worship a nubile yoni in a highly ecstatic way.
    Whosoever recites mantra in a supremely devoted way specifically to the yoni, the core of the universe, is within reach of liberation.

    Meditate with yoni on the tongue, yoni in the mind, yoni in theears and yoni in the eyes. Mighty Lady, all sadhana is vain unless with the yoni. Therefore, reject other pujasand do Yoni Puja.